Today's Birman

The true history of the Birman cat is shrouded in mystery. It is clear that they were introduced into France during the early 20th century. From there, they were exported to England and the United States. Birmans are pleasing to cat fanciers worldwide because they are adorable, extremely sociable and have easy to maintain coats. One thing is clear, Birmans are people cats--more like a dog than a cat. Wherever you or your family are in your home--your Birman will likely not be too far away too often (they do need some alone time). Birmans tend to be good with children who love them --even if they are not often exposed to children. In order to be truly happy, they need love and attention. They often enjoy their owner on the end of a cat toy! Today, in the US, the National Birman Fanciers is one of two Birman breed based organizations.

Birmans come in many colors and registries throughout the world may not allow registration of all colors. Some of the general Birman colors include: seal point, blue point, lilac point, chocolate point, cream point, red point, seal lynx point, blue lynx point, lilac lynx point, chocolate lynx point, cream lynx point, flame lynx point, tortie point, tortie lynx point. Whatever the color--your Birman is sure to be a joy! (See pictures of colors here)

More information can be found on Birmans on Wikipedia, at CFA's Breed Profile. Add a friend to your life--bring a Birman home!