Please be aware there are several pet sale scams out there right now. While we do report them to the hosting company, either the hosting company is not willing to shut them down or they open another site somewhere else. While each individual is responsible for doing due diligence on whom they want to work with, please do adequate research on the catteries you are looking to purchase from before sending money. Please note that many scammers will not reveal any type of physical address or even the names of the individuals. Often, they only have a website and business name—frequently the website was just started in the current or most recent past year. NBF strongly recommends that transactions with breeders be undertaken with the same caution one would devote to any other important business matter.

Scammers create a sense of urgency with kitten buyers so they can quickly get their cash and then they disappear. Often, they request money to be wired or sent in gift certificates. NBF recommends that you use a secure method of payment for sending deposits. If you choose to use a non-secure method of payment, know that you may never see your money again.

No phone calls. While many transactions start online, being able to call the seller should be an option. Scammers often prefer to handle communication exclusively online and not via the phone or in person.

Please realize that for most breeders, breeding is a hobby and a big part of our life. However, sometimes that means that communications are delayed—whether email or via phone as we handle our lives and cats first. Thank you for understanding.

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