Welcome to the 2020 Birman Only Virtual Cat Show

Thanks to the generous donations of our exhibitors, NBF is able to add to their NBF Rescue Fund that helps Birmans in need. Often times, a Birman winds up in need because an owner dies and they find themselves temporarily homeless. As people dedicated to preserving the Birman breed, we do our best to work with any Birmans who need assistance during a transition to a new home. Many times our members will open their doors to a kitty who needs a temporary home on their way to their “furever” home. Working together we can do great things! Thanks for your support!

Our two main charities for this show are: The Birman Heart Study run by the Animal Care Trust at the Royal Veterinary College and The Bria Fund for FIP Research maintained by the Winn Feline Foundation.

Our Generous Sponsors

Birkist Birmans

Kittablu Birmans


Saskattery Birmans

Laura & John Glynn

Hope Kilroy & Obi

SinhSoul Birmans

Anonymous Birman Lover


Bikhata Birmans

Calieta Birmans

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